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Faltu 28h April 2023 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip And Latest News, Twist

In today’s episode of “Faltu,” Tanisha, Ayaan’s sister-in-law, intentionally burns Faltu while cooking to prevent her from playing cricket. Tanisha convinces Faltu to teach her cooking, claiming that the media will be interested in the story. Despite Faltu’s reluctance, she agrees, and they go to the kitchen where Faltu starts making pakoras. While demonstrating how to leave them in the oil, Tanisha puts the pakora in from a height, and the oil splashes onto Faltu’s hand, causing her to cry in pain. Ayaan scolds everyone for making Faltu cook and forbids her from entering the kitchen in the future. Tanisha feels frustrated, as she wanted Faltu to stop playing cricket.

Later, Faltu and Ayaan go for practice, and Faltu realizes that Tanisha burned her on purpose. She decides not to tell Ayaan to avoid upsetting him. Meanwhile, Dadi and Savita are worried about who will cook for the upcoming peace puja. Tanisha suggests Faltu, but Sumitra signals Pandit ji to suggest Tanisha instead. However, Faltu volunteers to cook the bhog, causing Sumitra and Tanisha’s plan to fail.

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Sumitra meets a supposed saint, who tells her to make Tanisha obey her by performing a secret remedy with her daughter-in-law. Later, Tanisha confronts the saint, who spreads a white powder on her and warns Sumitra of danger. In the upcoming episode, Tanisha falls ill while practicing on the field, vomiting blood after drinking a protein shake that she believes was spiked by someone.



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