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Imlie 28th April 2023 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip And Latest News, Twist

In today’s episode of “Imlie,” we see Imlie grappling with the loss of her partner, Arto, and the imminent arrival of their child. She tells Rudra that she intends to raise the baby alone and recalls the moments she shared with Arto, who gifted her a locket that she cherishes. Imlie is determined to preserve his memory and not let anyone take it away from her.

However, while picking up the locket, Imlie experiences excruciating pain and is rushed to the hospital, where the doctor informs her that she needs to push harder to deliver the baby. Imlie is overwhelmed and hallucinates Arto’s presence, who comforts her and gives her the strength to carry on. Meanwhile, Rudra informs Imlie’s family and friends about her condition, and they all express concern and offer their support.

Later, the doctor informs Rudra that Imlie has lost a lot of blood, and they can only save either the mother or the child. Devika argues that Arto would have chosen the child’s life, but Rudra decides to save Imlie’s life. Imlie eventually regains consciousness but is informed that her baby was stillborn. However, Imlie is convinced that her child is alive, based on hearing her baby crying, and refuses to accept the doctor’s version of events.

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In a flash-forward sequence, five years later, Imlie and Arto are woken up by their daughter calling out to them as “mummy” and “papa.” They playfully chase her around the house before going back to sleep. However, Imlie wakes up and realizes that her daughter is not with her, and she becomes emotional, knowing that her daughter is still alive but has no idea where she might be.

In the upcoming episode, Imlie files a missing person report with the police, but they tell her that her daughter is dead, which only makes Imlie more determined to find her. Meanwhile, Arto is seen playing with a baby girl, adding further intrigue to the mystery of Imlie’s missing child.



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