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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th April 2023 : latest updates, future storyline, spoilers, and upcoming twists

Today’s episode of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” featured an unexpected turn of events. Manish discussed his family’s relationships with Kairav, who then informed him that gaps in relationships are sometimes better left unfilled. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu arrived, and Manish asked him if he had met Abhir. Abhimanyu replied that he would meet him eventually, and Manish felt relieved that the distance between family members was slowly dissipating.

However, Akshara, Abhir’s mother, was wary of Abhimanyu. She believed that Abhimanyu’s madness could drive him to snatch Abhir away from her. Therefore, she had been preparing for such an eventuality for a long time, having studied law to defend her son’s rights. Abhimanyu left soon after, leaving Abhinav, Akshara’s husband, concerned about his changed behavior.

Later, Akshara had to prepare to take Abhir to the United States, but Abhir didn’t want to go. Meanwhile, Manjiri discussed a grand wedding with Sehfali and Arohi, who requested that the wedding happen soon rather than being an elaborate affair. Manjiri decided to speak to Abhimanyu about it.

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Parth scheduled Abhimanyu’s surgery, but Abhimanyu refused to do OPD, stating that he had an important duty elsewhere. Akshara prepared to take Abhir to the airport, but Abhimanyu stopped them, revealing that he had called a doctor from the US to Udaipur for Abhir’s surgery. The Goenkas were ecstatic, and Abhir was overjoyed, believing that Abhimanyu was his biological father. However, Akshara was prepared for this and informed Abhinav that Abhimanyu had learned the truth.

In the upcoming episode, Abhir will receive a gift from Abhimanyu, and Arohi will confront Akshara about why she didn’t leave the city.

Priya Patil
Priya Patil
Priya Patil hails from the city of Ahmednagar and is a curious soul who loves to explore the lesser-known parts of her city. She has a keen interest in history, culture and the art of storytelling, which is reflected in her travel writing. Priya enjoys discovering the hidden gems of Ahmednagar, such as local businesses, places to visit and educational institutions. Her love for her hometown is evident in the way she writes about the city, showcasing its unique charm and rich cultural heritage. Priya is an avid traveler and believes that exploring new places and cultures broadens one's perspective and enriches one's life.


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