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Top 5 Best Bhel Puri Places In Mumbai

Bhelpuri, a delightful and iconic chaat, traces its origins back to the bustling street food stalls of Mumbai. Today, it has garnered nationwide fame for its unique combination of flavors. This sour-sweet and tangy snack boasts a medley of textures, incorporating ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and tamarind chutney. While variations of the bhel recipe have emerged across different regions of the country, those seeking to indulge in the authentic and original taste need not look any further. Here, we present the top five destinations in Mumbai where you can savor the most delectable bhel puri experiences.

1. Sharma Bhelpuri House (Vile Parle East)

Located in the East Market of Vile Parle, Sharma Bhelpuri House is a small joint that offers a variety of bhel puri and chaat. Known for efficient service, reasonable prices, and cleanliness, this spot attracts bhel puri enthusiasts. Find this gem on Kamala Bhawan Building, MG Road. An average meal for two here costs around Rs 200.

2. Jain Sweet And Bhelpuri House (Kandivali West)

At Jain Sweet And Bhelpuri House, opposite Kandivali Railway Station, you’ll discover not only delightful bhel puri but also the flavorful Vada Pav. Guruprasad Shopping Center hosts this fast-food restaurant, where affordable and delicious snacks await. Expect to spend around Rs 200 for two people.

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3. Food Arcade Chaat (Matunga)

Favored by the residents of Matunga, Food Arcade Chaat is a must-visit for bhel puri enthusiasts. Situated near Amrit Dhara Heights on Jame Jamshed Road in Matunga East, this food joint offers iconic bhel puri. Enjoy this treat without breaking the bank—around Rs 100 for two people.

4. Gupta Chaat Centre (Matunga East)

In the vicinity of Matunga station’s LBS Market, you’ll find Gupta Chaat Centre, where your taste buds will be tantalized by their spicy and flavorful bhel puri, sev puri, and chaat. A meal for two here typically costs around Rs 250.

5. Monsoon Chaat Corner (Andheri West)

For those hungering for snacks, a trip to Monsoon Chaat Corner in Andheri West is in order. Enjoy tasty bhel puri and dosa at this spot, located opposite Lokhandwala Complex. While the cost for two people can reach around Rs 400, the flavorsome experience is well worth it.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to relish the renowned bhel puri of Mumbai. These five places offer a delightful journey through the savory and tangy flavors of this iconic street food.


Mumbai’s culinary scene is a vibrant tapestry woven with diverse flavors, and iconic street foods like Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Bhel Puri, and Bubble Tea have become an integral part of the city’s cultural identity. From the bustling streets of Dadar to the charming lanes of Vile Parle, these gastronomic delights are cherished by both locals and visitors alike. Each of these eateries we’ve highlighted brings its unique touch to these beloved treats, offering a tantalizing array of flavors and experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for the fiery spice of Misal Pav, the refreshing sweetness of Bubble Tea, or the savory crunch of Bhel Puri, Mumbai has something to satisfy every palate. So, embark on a culinary adventure through the city’s streets and treat yourself to the delectable offerings that make Mumbai’s street food scene truly exceptional.

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FAQs about Mumbai’s Street Food Scene

1. What is the origin of Vada Pav? Vada Pav, often referred to as the “Indian burger,” originated in the streets of Mumbai and quickly became a beloved on-the-go snack. It consists of a spiced potato fritter enclosed in a bun called Pav.

2. What sets Misal Pav apart from other dishes? Misal Pav is a traditional Maharashtrian dish known for its spicy and tangy flavors. It consists of sprouted beans cooked in a spicy gravy, topped with farsan (crunchy snacks), onions, and coriander, served with soft Pav.

3. What is the specialty of Bubble Tea? Bubble Tea, also known as Boba Tea, is a Taiwanese beverage made with tea, milk, fruit flavors, and chewy tapioca pearls. It gained popularity for its unique combination of flavors and the fun experience of sipping through a wide straw to enjoy the chewy pearls.

4. Are these eateries suitable for vegetarians? Yes, most of these street food joints in Mumbai offer a variety of vegetarian options. Dishes like Vada Pav, Misal Pav, and Bhel Puri are typically vegetarian-friendly. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the eatery if you have specific dietary preferences.

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5. What are the typical opening hours of these eateries? The opening hours can vary from place to place, but many of these street food joints open early in the morning and continue serving until late in the evening. It’s recommended to check the specific timings of each eatery before visiting.

6. Can I expect these places to be crowded? Yes, these popular street food joints tend to attract a significant crowd, especially during peak meal times and weekends. Be prepared for a lively atmosphere and possibly some waiting time, but the delicious flavors are well worth it.

7. What is the average cost for two people at these eateries? The average cost for two people can vary depending on the eatery and the items you order. Generally, street food in Mumbai is budget-friendly, and you can enjoy a satisfying meal for around INR 100 to INR 300 for two people.

8. Do these eateries offer takeaway options? Yes, most of these eateries offer takeaway options, making it convenient for you to enjoy your favorite street food on the go. Whether you’re exploring the city or heading back home, you can savor these flavors wherever you are.

9. Can I find options suitable for both spicy and mild preferences? Absolutely! Mumbai’s street food scene caters to a wide range of taste preferences. You’ll find options ranging from mildly flavored dishes to fiery hot delights. Don’t hesitate to specify your spice level preference when placing your order.

10. Are these eateries easily accessible from popular landmarks in Mumbai? Yes, many of these eateries are strategically located near popular landmarks and transportation hubs, making them easily accessible to both locals and tourists. It’s advisable to use navigation apps or inquire with locals for directions if needed.



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