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Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th April 2023: latest updates, future storyline, spoilers, and upcoming twists

In the latest episode of “Yeh Hai Chahatein,” Samrat shared with Nayantara that the doctor performed the surgery successfully. Nayantara recalled how she removed the mole during the operation and informed Samrat that he was delusional for thinking she was Nayantara. Samrat was determined to prove her wrong and handed over a glass to Mohit and Ishani to take it to the lab for testing.

Samrat re-entered the party venue and danced with Nayantara to a song he claimed was his wife’s favorite. However, Siddharth observed their interaction and realized that he needed to intervene before Nayantara succumbed to Samrat’s manipulations. He stopped the music and retrieved the fingerprints test report from Mohit and Ishani, but was shocked to see that it tested negative. Samrat demanded an explanation, but Nayantara scolded him for taking her fingerprints and ordered the security guards to throw him out of the party.

As Samrat fought with the guards, Nayantara relented and instructed them to stop the violence. She was determined not to let Samrat’s manipulations weaken her. Siddharth assured her that he had a plan to humiliate Samrat, while Ishani and Mohit began to doubt Samrat’s claims about Nayantara’s true identity.

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Samrat decided to exploit Nayantara’s weakness by using her love for Prem to his advantage. However, Siddharth was not going to let him get away with his manipulations, and was determined to protect Nayantara from his deceitful tactics.

Priya Patil
Priya Patil
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